Monday, March 29, 2010

Garden Update

Spring in the garden: Lavender and Poppies in bloom.

If you missed the last meeting, we discussed keeping the garden clean and gave out plots. At this point, we have given out all of the plots available.

PLOT BORDERS: All of the plots have borders and should not be expanded.

One of our new gardeners has brought some worm casings for everyone to use. They are in the blue bins next to the shed. Help yourself. Please note though, the casings have been supplimented with bagged soil.

Enjoy this beautiful weather and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting, Sunday April 11th at 10 am.

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Mike said...

Me and my partner just left your beautiful community garden and spoke to Bian who spent some time with us and gave us a tour. I use the word 'beautiful' for two different reason. First of all, the growth and development is beautiful and secondly, the "coop", community aspect of it all..We want to be a part of it! How do we get put on a waiting list? We like to cook a variety of dishes and love fresh organic vegetables. We live blocks away on QueenAnne Place, just north of Pico. Thanks for all your hard work and please let us know how to get involved. My business card is in pocket #4 on the bulletin board. Peace~