Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meeting Recap

We are sorry to have missed you at the Crenshaw Community Garden monthly meeting.

At the October meeting we discussed general clean-up. Please come to the next meeting prepared for a work day. We will be clearing out the back-fence area.

It was also decided that come January, all structures over 4 feet tall that shade other plots, are unsafe or are obstructing gardens will have to be re-built.

It was decided unanimously that come January all gardeners will be required to attend a minimum of six meetings annually. If you are unable to attend due to work commitments, you are excused. Otherwise, in July of 2009 if a gardener has not attended three meetings they will be notified and will lose gardening privileges in 2010.

Thank you to everyone who did attend (9 of 32 gardeners). We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

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