Monday, August 11, 2008

August Meeting Review

We are sorry we missed you at the August meeting of the Crenshaw Community Garden.

Here is a review of the topics discussed:

Crenshaw Community Garden
Monthly Meeting August 9, 2008

We distributed two plots - 12 1/2 went to Mohummad Houssan and 21 will now be occupied by Myeong Kim Soon.

The attendees of the meeting cleared the northern fence area which had become overgrown. Thank you to everyone for your help with this.

Ari Moon has been contacted regarding her neglected plot.

Soon Kim has agreed to clean up her plot within thirty days. Please assist her in any way you can.

Mr. Kim has agreed to remove the second bee hive that he placed in the garden. The current hive is thriving, but please always exercise caution when working in the area around the hive.

Pepperdine University will work on cleaning up the median area when they come out for their volunteer day.

As always, please turn off the water when you leave the garden, pick up any trash you may see and respect our space.

Thank you so much.

See you at the September meeting.

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