Saturday, February 23, 2008

Garden Rules

Here are the garden rules.

1. After assignment of a garden plot, the gardener will have the plot under cultivation within two weeks. Plots shall be fully planted and cultivated year round. Crops must be kept within the boundries of the plot. No trees or plants that shade other plots are permitted. No invasive plants are allowed, such as chaote, cane berries, morning glory or sugar cane. Gardeners shall keep their plots and surrounding paths neat and clean of weeds. No permanant structures, such as fences shall be contructed.

2. Gardeners shall be responsible for attending monthly meetings; and, regularly scheduled clean up days for general maintenance of common areas. Garden tools shall be cleaned after use and returned to the tool shed.

3. Gardeners shall practice water conservation.

4. Gardeners may not enter another gardeners plot without permission for any purpose, including to water, weed or harvest crops.

5. Gardeners shall practice organic methods whenever possible.

6. The Assigned gardener may not transfer their plot to another person. The keys are non-transferable and must be returned to the Garden Director at the end of the gardener's tenure. Please keep the gate locked at all times.

7. Children must be under supervision of an adult at all times.

8. No pets may be brought in to the garden.

9. Assignment by Garden Director of a single plot per household to new gardeners is make available as plots become available, typically at the beginning of the calendar year. Garden director accepts a simple majority for this purpose.

10. Recycling is encouraged. Compost bins are for plant materials (no weeds.) Green barrels are for weeds and green waste only. Other material and bags are to be deposited in the black bins.

11. A Garden fee of $30 is due annually and is non-refundable after 30 days.

12. Membership may be revoked for repeated violations of the Garden Rules. Early termination of the Agreement may occur after two warnings by the Garden Director.

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